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Customer Comments.

I always ask the customer for permission to show their Emails so some of their replies are included in the list. Do you have anything to tell us?

Hi Brenda,
Thanks for the praise, we try our best to please. More importantly though, tell all your friends how good we are!! I will include you clubs site in the next newsletter so tell eveyone to sign up in time so they don't miss it. Can I include youe email in our "The customer is always right" page?

Hi Jon,
I already have told my friends about you!!! No problem including the e-mail in your "Customer is always right" page I have to say it makes a very nice change to be dealt with in the way you deal with your customers, fast, friendly and efficient - what a difference it makes to be treated like you matter

Sandra W from Glasgow
Thanks for the speedy service- Got my boots this morning. Perfect fit, superb quality and great value and they are so durable that i couldn't get them off hahahaha. Thanks a lot for an excellent service. Guess where my next pair of boots will be ordered from?

Pat C from Dorset.
I can't believe it - my boots ordered on 9th arrived this morning. Thank you for your excellent service. Boots super. I shall take the leaflet to the (beginners) class with me and recommend Regalo's most highly. Thank you again.

Julia M from Stevenage.
The boots I ordered at the weekend arrived yesterday. Perfect fit, excellent boots and a fantastic service.

Sue B from Bradford.
Just to say that I am very pleased with your prompt service. I received my boots this morning and they fit a treat. I will certainly be using your services again. I will be talking to my Line dancing friends about "Regalo's on line"

Carol E from Andover.
Ordered yesterday afternoon, Received this morning!... What brilliant service. What lovely boots they are too. Just got to "wear them in a bit now"... It will no doubt, be a belt next.

Can we show your email on our site Carol?
Of course you can, I thought your service was brilliant, from whoever it was I spoke to on the phone who was very friendly and helpful (was that you Jon?) to delivery during the morning of the following day. Amazing! The boots are pretty 'cool' too; I've been wearing them in over the weekend and hope to show them off shortly!! Thank you; there is no doubt that you will hear from me again.

Amber C from Scotland.
Thank you for the refund. It was a great shame the size 3's were too big as they were lovely boots and just what I wanted. I would like to compliment you on a great service and the speed at which you sent my order and the refund, good service is rare these days! Thank you for suggesting the children's boot, I will think about it.

Sharon M from Kent.
Just a quick email to say I received the boots I ordered and they are great. I loved the web site, it is very easy to use and I have recommended it to most of my line dancing friends. Keep up the good work and many thanks once again for your very efficient service.

Can we show your email on our site Sharon?
I would be happy for you to show my thank you email on your web site and I give you my permission to do so. By the way the boots are great, really comfortable. I wore them to my line dancing class last Monday and quite a few people commented on them so I told them to check your web site out!! Keep up the good work

Tara B from Oxon.
I just wanted to let you know how excited and elated I was to receive my news boots, I would like to thank you for the efforts in getting them down to me. They are a lovely fit and very comfortable to dance in. I have passed your address onto all my line dancing friends and hopefully they will take a look at your web site.

James M from Bedfordshire.
I recently ordered two pairs of men's cowboy boots from your site - I have just returned home from holiday and my order had arrived all ready for trying on! Unfortunately you could not at first supply me with the exact style I requested as they had been discontinued by Wrangler, but all the same, you promptly contacted me and offered a replacement, which I am pleased to say has been great! I am especially pleased with that aspect of your service as I have been let down by other stockists who failed to supply my orders and have neglected to contact me and explain the situation. I will definitely recommend your store to others.

Amanda T from Warwickshire.
Just a quick note to say that i received my new boots today and I'm really pleased with them. They were a bit of a pig to get on and off but I'm going to wear them all weekend to soften them up. Thank you for you kind help and I must say your web site is very well set out and easy to use and I'll be using you again. I can't wait to go dancing now :)

Margery P from Hassocks (Near Brighton)
Just wanted to say thank you for your extremely prompt and efficient delivery of my new line dancing shoes - I am wearing them now and they are great - sure to improve my skills no end! Excellent service - well done.

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